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By the divine life

April 28th, 2011 Categories: enjoying... Be the first to comment

Here is some of my enjoyment from reading through Life-study of Matthew. I’m progressing slowly but surely! And here’s where I plug Daily Enjoyment: One Line A Day… it really helps me to keep going!

Only by the divine life can we fulfill the requirements of the kingdom. It is easy to fulfill these requirements when we have the grace to do so. By our human life it is impossible, but by the divine life with the divine grace it is easy. In fact, it is a joy. What a joy to lay up treasure in the heavens!

Life-study of Matthew, message 54

What we have given up does not mean anything. Even if the President of the United States were to give up his presidency in order to have the kingdom reward, that would not mean anything… “I am not paying a price — I am daily enjoying grace. Lord, whatever You give me is not a reimbursement, but a further enjoyment of Yourself.”

Life-study of Matthew, message 55

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