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Have you ever felt like you’ve gone a little off track and need to come back to the point? Maybe you don’t realise it at the time, at least I know that I don’t, but before you know it, you have veered off the central line and are missing the mark.

I’ve been appreciating the fellowship recently on The Central Line of the Bible. Actually this was also the content of the recent International Conference here in London, and in the little I got from the conference, I think I got the key point… and that is, there is a central line in the Bible, and this central line is a wonderful Person!

This Person is:

This Person is the One who must stand out in our handling of the truth – not the prophecies and the types, and not even doctrine concerning the church and the kingdom – these are supplementary points, and not the central line according to which we receive all believers. It is to this Person that we should bring others – not to an outward practice of the Lord’s table, head covering, foot washing, church administration, and many other things – these are the “leaves and the branches”. They are helpful to the central line and the line of supplementary points, but they should never be the focus, and we should never be distracted by them.

Do you know what God considers to be evil? Anything that distracts us from Christ and replaces Christ.

And do you know what makes God happy, what is pleasing to Him? To reveal His son in us!

But when it pleased God… to reveal His Son in me…

Why? So that we may know Him, receive Him as our life, and become the sons of God, that He may have a corporate glorious expression in this universe, the Body of Christ, consummating in the New Jerusalem!

How? We can cooperate with the Lord by dropping our concepts, turning our hearts to the Lord, paying attention to the spirit, and spending time in the Word.

Dear Lord Jesus, bring us back to You again and again. Reveal Your Son in us, for the building of the Body and the producing of the Bride, to satisfy of Your heart’s desire. Day by day, cause us to exercise our spirit to contact You and release our spirit to overflow You to all those around us.

1. Lord, You are my only goal!
You’re my only hope!
I only care for You!
I never could replace You,
And I would never want to.
I have everything, Lord—
I have You!

2. Lord, I only live for You—
Not anything else!
In everything You’re my source;
No more good intentions,
No more right or wrong.
I don’t want a “good” life—
I want You!

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