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We have access

May 30th, 2011 Categories: enjoying..., singing... 1 comment

In yesterday’s prophesying1 meeting, I especially enjoyed the sharing from the saints related to this verse:

For through Him we both have access in one Spirit unto the Father.

I hadn’t seen so clearly before that there is a difference between being positionally reconciled to God (Ephesians 2:16), and going on to experientially “have access… unto the Father”, which is to continually enjoy the Triune God. It is truly marvellous to receive redemption, but what a pity if we stop there and do not come forward to experience the Triune God day by day! One brother illustrated it by saying he had got a job, which was great, but for a long time was missing out on all the extras everyone else was getting because he didn’t know he could use his access code to get them.

So, how do we continually enjoy God? The answer is in the verse above: through God the Son, who is the Accomplisher, the means, and in God the Spirit, who is the Executor, the application, we have access unto God the Father, who is the Originator, the unique source.

The Father came to us in the Son, and the Son came to us in the Spirit, and now through the Son we have access in the Spirit unto the Father. According to the truth this is in three steps, but in our practical experience it is just three aspects of one experience. When we believe in the Lord, we are are in the Spirit and have access unto the Father, because the Father, the Son and the Spirit are one. This may sound confusing, but basically it means that the Triune God, who is three yet one, works to bring us to Himself, that is, to bring us into Himself. How wonderful!

We can also see this in Luke 15, with the three parables that show us the Son’s tender care as the good Shepherd, the Spirit’s fine seeking as the treasure lover, and the Father’s warm receiving as the loving father. Again, this is a picture of the Triune God working to bring us to Himself, in a very particular sequence – the Son comes to accomplish redemption, then the Spirit comes to find us, and then the Father is waiting for us to come back to Him.

We gained our initial access unto the Father by our believing in the Son, and we can continue to have access unto the Father, that is to enjoy Him, by calling on the name of the Lord, because no one can say, “Jesus is Lord!” except in the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthinans 12:3). Jesus is Lord!

This reminded me of a hymn which I have been humming all day,and if you do not know it, you can click the ‘play’ button on the right to listen to the melody and sing along :)

1. “Abba, Father,” we approach Thee
In our Savior’s precious name.
We, Thy children, here assembling,
Now the promised blessing claim.
From our guilt His blood has washed us,
‘Tis through Him our souls draw nigh,
And Thy Spirit too has taught us
“Abba, Father,” thus to cry.

2. Once as prodigals we wandered,
In our folly, far from Thee;
But Thy grace, o’er sin abounding,
Rescued us from misery.
Clothed in garments of salvation
At Thy table is our place;
We rejoice, and Thou rejoicest,
In the riches of Thy grace.

3. Thou the prodigal hast pardoned,
“Kissed us” with a Father’s love;
“Killed the fatted calf,” and made us
Fit Thy purpose to approve.
“It is meet,” we hear Thee saying,
“We should merry be and glad;
I have found My once-lost children,
Now they live who once were dead.”

4. “Abba, Father,” we adore Thee,
While the hosts in heaven above
E’en in us now learn the wonders
Of Thy wisdom, grace, and love.
Soon before Thy throne assembled,
All Thy children shall proclaim
Abba’s love shown in redemption,
And how full is Abba’s name!

1 For those who are not familiar with the term “prophesying”, a prophet is one who speaks for God, speaks forth God, and speaks God into others, sometimes with inspired prediction. In the prophesying meeting, however, we speak not to foretell the future, but for the building up of the Body of Christ: “He who prophesies builds up the church” (1 Corinthians 14:4); and we endeavour to practice 1 Corinthians 14:31: “For you can all prophesy one by one that all may learn and all may be encouraged.” To help our speaking, we are usually on the same schedule of a morning devotional called Holy Word for Morning Revival. This helps to have our speaking on the same subject this week, and also helps us to get into all the riches in a particular portion of the Word – we need one another to see the vast dimensions of Christ! However, this is not a legality and we are also free to share anything we have enjoyed and experienced of Christ and His Word during the week: “Each one has..” (1 Corinthians 14:26).

  1. Eileen
    August 10th, 2011 at 16:14 | #1

    Hey, Sarah,
    I just read Week 3 of HWMR ‘The Central Line of the Bible’ this morning, whilst enjoying my breakfast before work. I love The Son’s Redeeming, The Spirit’s searching and The Father’s receiving illustrated in Luke 15, that corresponds to Eph 2:18. Amen!!!

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