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What is the meaning of life?

May 17th, 2011 Categories: pondering... 1 comment

This is the question that Bubbleology’s website said I could ask at their new bubble tea shop in central London. What do you think… were they able to give a satisfactory answer to the question? (And how was the bubble tea?)

So last Monday, I joined LK to meet up with GL1, who was visiting from Vancouver. Our first stop of the day was to fill up with pancakes at My Old Dutch. Yum. Then, although bubble tea isn’t as rare on their side of the pond, the sisters were in one accord to keep me happy and allowed me guide us to Bubbleology. I had heard about its opening, and when I visited their website I thought their image was clever and I was intrigued by their invitation to ask them this particular question.

Well, we found our way there, bought our bubble tea2, and after other customers were served, I asked the big question: What is the meaning of life? Disappointingly, the workers couldn’t answer, and also didn’t seem keen to try. They just said that if the owner had been there, he could have spent the next half hour answering the question, but when I asked, they were unable to repeat what he would have said. They didn’t seem particularly keen on pursuing the conversation further, so we left it at that and enjoyed our bubble tea and chatted among ourselves. I was, however, kicking myself that I hadn’t come prepared with a What is the Mystery of the Universe?, or something similar, to leave with them.

So, dear reader, how would you answer the question? What is the meaning of life? Replies in the comments please :)

1 A bit of history: I first met GL in 2006 when I stayed at her house in Grace; then we ended up being on the same blending trip around Europe in Winter 2007; and I think I last saw her in Austin in 2009 :) We spent a lot of the day trying to fix my broken memory (the outer man is decaying..), but I think I’ve got it now..
2 For those primarily interested in the bubbles: I had taro flavour, and the taste was great. It is also slightly cheaper than the other place I normally would get bubble tea from, Cafe de Hong Kong, but that pales in comparison to how much FL told me the bubble tea is in Taiwan :) Bubbleology seem to have put a lot of effort into their image and online marketing, but I could have easily walked past the shop front if I wasn’t looking for it. I guess the black doesn’t stand out for me. But I did like the colourful bubbling test tubes on display in the windows. One of the workers was obviously new and untrained – I had to help him to give me the correct change and another worker had to take over the other orders. But the machines and the way they make and seal the bubble tea is cool. It was pretty quiet at the time we were there, which isn’t a bad thing, but even so the space inside seemed pretty small. I also couldn’t help but notice the windows were really dirty! I wasn’t sure if it was a dusty chem lab look they were going for. It made it seems amateurish, especially in contrast to their website. The science on the blackboard was clever – minus b plus or minus the square root of u to the b minus b l e over two s… or something like that! Think quadratic equation – that brings back fond (and geeky) memories of GCSE and A Level maths :) I wish I had taken pictures, but I think the dirty windows put me off! Anyway, you can see pictures on their Facebook page, where the windows are squeaky clean. All in all – I’d go there again, but I’m not yet caught enough that I would necessarily choose it over another bubble tea place. Finally, bubble tea is not the meaning of life :)

  1. mavis
    May 18th, 2011 at 16:14 | #1

    the universe is for earth, the earth is for man, man is for God. the meaning of life is to contain & express God. we’re made in His image. when we express Him, the Father is very happy. any father would! we all need God, if you are human, that is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ordinary tea is good enough for me. as long as it’s wet & hot …… why chase the wind over a cuppa??? it’s not economical.

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