Well, where do I begin? So much has happened this past week, and with both L and A away, I was particularly busy manning reception whilst also taking care of my other work*. Yet surprisingly, although I really shouldn’t be surprised, I have been happy and full of rest all week, really enjoying the Lord’s grace. :) Yes, today it was more of a struggle to wake up before 6am, for the 5th day this week, but at the same time I have been enjoying my time with the Lord in the morning, throughout the day, and before going to bed.

I guess my yobel week started with last Lord’s day evening. After the Lord’s table we normally have a short time for overflowing our enjoying of Christ in the past the week. And so I practiced to speak what I had first practiced to write… in my last post :) After that, E and LK had a bunch of us over for dinner, which was a lot of fun and very cherishing; LK and I spoke more definitely about visiting Madrid; and H and I started our New Testament reading schedule (it’s the same one as the one in the back of the HWMR, but BFA have printed it on handy cards – I have some spares if anyone wants one!).

So this week we read Matthew 1-3 with footnotes (separately), and today we read through the verses together. I enjoyed in the first seventeen verses we can see through Christ’s genealogy that He was related to all kinds of people: both Jews and Gentiles, the kings and the lowly, and even to sinful people – murderers, adulterers, and prostitutes. Praise the Lord, even me!

Regardless of who we are and what our background is, as long as we have a heart that seeks God and His people, we are in a position to be accepted into the birthright of Christ.

On Monday, the first week of the Spring 2011 One-week Trainings began, with brothers and sisters from different parts of the UK and also from The Netherlands, Romania, and the USA. They all seemed to have a glorious time, of course! They have now gone home and the next group will arrive on Monday. There will be three more weeks of the One-week Training this month, with over 100 more participating during this time.

This month there is also a free seminar on The Mystery of the Universe and the Meaning of Human Life, on May 14th. Do you know what the mystery of the universe is? Do you know the meaning of your human life? I’m full of anticipation for this time, that many who are seeking may come and find the Answer to their questions. The latest Truth Question is also on this subject: What is the Mystery of the Universe?

Finally, the subject of this post: yobel. Yobel is the Hebrew word for jubilee and means a joyful noise, a shouting with the blasting of a trumpet, and a proclamation of good news of great joy. Yobel! When we see the real condition of human life, we realise how much we need yobel. We were created to be filled with God, that God would be our blessing and our enjoyment. But we lost God and entered into bondage, and as a result our life is full of labour and suffering. One kind of labour is the labour of being a good person… I realised that this week when I was “trying” to keep the reading schedule! Another kind of labour is the labour of anxiety, and the third is the labour of suffering. How can we be released? Only by taking Christ as our enjoyment, satisfaction and rest – Christ as our jubilee of grace! Yobel! And do you know what I really enjoyed? The jubilee is not the release of our possession (God) to us, but it is the release of us, back to our possession and to our family.

1. Though the world may promise me more,
I’m just made to be filled with the Lord.
Nor it’s life worth living a day,
For the things that will soon pass away.
Doesn’t matter how rich or successful I’d be,
Or how many pleasures be offered to me.
There’s nothing that compares to my destiny—
To be thoroughly filled with the Lord.

2. Now although I’m still kind of small,
And the future is in front of me.
In my heart I’ve heard the Lord’s call,
Just to follow Him absolutely.
Though the path may be holding
Much joy or much pain,
What matters is that more of Him I would gain,
Regardless what happens,
I never would change.
‘Cause I’m made to be filled with the Lord.
Yes, I’m made to be filled with the Lord.

* A young brother came to help with some practical service yesterday. When I saw him, I asked what he was doing here, and he was about to say he had come to “work”, but at the same time I asked if he had come to “serve”, and he said yes. Just a gentle reminder from the Lord that what we are really doing is not working, but serving. What a joy to be served by the Lord and the saints, in order to serve the Lord and the saints!

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