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Day 6: Flowing water

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Day 6 (Monday 27th June 2011)
My hospitality in Fresno was at “grandma’s place”, and although only one of us could speak Chinese to her, it was still so very sweet to be in her home. We were able to spend a little time together on the morning of Day 6 because the brothers were rather lost in finding us, so we were an hour waiting outside, before the heat of the day, enjoying the garden and the pleasant morning sun, and sampling grandma’s “organic” peaches. Yummy, and even more so on an empty tummy!

The brothers eventually found us :) and we made it to the church in Fresno’s meeting hall to join the other saints for breakfast. I was very touched by the dear local sisters who prepared breakfast for us each morning at the meeting hall. It was very sweet and cherishing! Some saints joined us for the day’s adventuring in Yosemite, and one was the sister I stayed with when I first visited Fresno in 2006! Praise the Lord for the one Body and all the fellowship and circulation – not only is it healthy, but it is also so pleasant!

So this was my second visit to Yosemite, and it was a different experience compared to the first time I visited. We didn’t see much of Half Dome, but this time we did hike up a waterfall! Of course, travelling with such a big group, we are very limited (every rest stop takes about 40 minutes!), meaning that we didn’t have that much time to hike. I was originally going to join the fast group in order to make it to the top, but at the rate I saw them going, I am glad I didn’t! So I guess I ended up in the medium-paced group, and although we didn’t make it all the way to the top in the time that we had, we did go quite far up, and definitely experienced the mist from the waterfall drenching us on both our way up and our way down. That was a real watering, and in retrospect really reminds me of the watering that we enjoyed in the Summer Training on the Crystallisation-study of Psalms:

He will drop like rain upon mown grass,
Like abundant showers dripping on the earth.

And He will have dominion from sea to sea
And from the River unto the ends of the earth.

We need water! Without water, we are dry, and without water too long, we die – and that is just with the physical shadow. The spiritual reality is that Triune God has been flowing Himself out from eternity to eternity in order to reach and supply man. It is the sweetest thing to realise that Christ will return not mainly to exercise His righteous judgement, but rather He will come primarily like showers to water the earth and to satisfy people. There are many evil things that need judgement, but the people need water! This is not something just for the future. Now, there are three ways to respond to this divine flowing water:

  1. Drink! – We don’t just study water, we drink it. Are you thirsty? Drink Christ and allow Him to water you! How? By calling on His name: Oh Lord Jesus!

    I will take up the cup of salvation And call upon the name of Jehovah.

  2. Get into the flow, and never leave it! – According to the Bible there is just one divine flow, one divine stream. In this flow is the supply, and in this flow we will be brought to the unique goal of God in His economy: the New Jerusalem!

    And he showed me a river of water of life, bright as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb in the middle of its street.

  3. Flow out! – Don’t become a Dead Sea or a blocked hose, without an outlet. The more we flow out this wonderful Triune God that we receive and enjoy, the more He can flow in!

    To me, less than the least of all saints, was this grace given to announce to the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ as the gospel.

Lord, keep me in this flow, and may I keep myself in this flow!

Ok, now here are some pictures (and a video) for you to enjoy. Any blur on the photos below comes from water on the camera lens… did I mention there was a lot of water? :)

At His second coming, Christ will take possession of the earth and will establish God’s kingdom on earth, spreading the kingdom by Himself as the flowing river, recovering the earth by watering, and satisfying the thirsty ones with the living water.

Banner 4 from Psalms Training
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  1. mavis
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    recovering the earth by watering ……..
    we’ve been enjoying the cd of the psalms banner songs. this summer’s songs are easier to learn as there are fewer lines & quite a bit of repetitions. makes learning easier. Joyce’s cd player has been well used!! PTL for His supply.
    let’s have an affectionate love for our Lord Jesus. we also must be pens of ready writers writing about our love, our praise & our enjoyment of Him. He is our contents. enjoying reading your enjoyments these past days of the blending in the states. certainly your enjoyment came over loud & clear & concrete! PTL. welcome home, Sarah.

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