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Day 10: Chilling out (together)

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After returning to London, overcoming jetlag and getting back to work, my blending trip memories were already beginning to fade – and that was before I went to Poland! But by now I think you should have realised we were having an awesome time, enjoying the Lord together and with the saints we visited :) I was aiming to complete this series of blog posts before the European Young People’s Conference and before my memory went completely… so I managed to write but not post, and here they are!

Day 10 (Friday 1st July 2011)
After a pleasant overnight stay at our hotel in Santa Clarita, it was time to pack up and move out again, although we were to stay in the area for most of the day. The group split into two, with the majority going to the Magic Mountain theme park. I was among those who opted not to – I’m just not one for being spun around, and our alternative activities provided enough adrenaline for me ;)

Quinta Hotel group photo from TL

So after the drop off at the theme park, the group I was with returned to the mall for a spot of shopping and lunch. A productive trip I’d say, and I got my first frozen yoghurt of the day. Then we headed for the ice rink for a couple of hours ice skating. It was a lot of fun, and this time I made the effort to improve my technique – and made a little progress. It was quite amazing to see the little kids skating beautifully, without any fear. Very elegant! If I get any of the pictures J took, I’ll update this post with them. I think he got some of me using the kiddie contraption to help me learn to use my right leg more effectively!

Then it was back out into the heat again (I did not envy the saints at the theme park queuing up in the sun all day!) and over to Red Mango for (more) frozen yoghurt. Can I hear you say, “Yum”? :)

Red Mango frozen yoghurt

Pictures like these dont help my craving

Following that, it was time to pick up the rest of the group, so we swung by KFC to grab dinner for everyone, picked them up, and then continued the drive south. Destination: Irvine!

We arrived in Irvine, met our hosts, and went with them to our different hospitalities. I was in one of the sisters’ houses – the same sisters’ house I have stayed in now for three years running! It was very sweet to see the sisters I had met before, and to meet the new sisters from Christian Students at UCI living there. But when we first arrived, most were at their respective home meetings. Some of us decided to stay and rest, but I and I (try to figure that one out!) joined L to go back to her home meeting (she had left it to pick us up), and we were there in time for introductions and dessert. It is just good to be with the saints, praise the Lord! And I appreciate a snippet I picked up on the way to the home meeting was very enlightening and helpful to me:

The point of sisters living together (in a sisters’ house) is to pursue Christ together.

We may sometimes think that it is good to have a sisters’ (or brothers’) house for convenience or financial reasons, so it was refreshing to be reminded that the main reason should be Christ! :)

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