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Testimonies from the FTTL Autumn 2011 First-Term Trainees

August 22nd, 2011 Categories: reporting..., serving... 7 comments

The Full-Time Training in London (FTTL) restarted on Monday 8th August, and the trainees are now going into their third week of term. How time flies! (And here’s a cool post related to time: Infinity within Finite Beings).

It seems like I was only just telling you about the FTTL Spring 2011 graduation, yet that was a few months ago. On the same note, this evening I was emailing a friend from university, as well as chatting to a Christian sister on Gmail, and in both conversations I was reminded that it is now more than four years since my graduation from the Full-Time Training in London.

My term-mates and I graduating in 2007

That means I am now going into my fifth year of serving the Lord. Wow!

When I put it like that, it sounds so long, and yet… it really hasn’t felt like a long time, a suffering, or a drag. Instead it has been a real joy and delight, and a real learning and growing with the Lord. I love the Lord, and I love the church, and although I am very open for any change the Lord may bring, at this present moment in time, I am very happy in my service. Amen, more of You Lord, each day! :)

But now, let’s get back to this term!

First, to give you some context, as I mentioned in a previous post, this was the first time that the University Training was held at the same time as the FTTL Pre-Training (a.k.a. the first week of term), and this was also the largest group of first-term trainees in a few years.

So, the first Monday night of term was a glorious sight to behold – walking into the room filled with 40 odd FTTL trainees, 50 odd University Training trainees, the saints who serve with the training, and the brothers and sisters from the community who were there to stand with all these trainees. And then to see the happy, surprised, and yet expectant faces of those who entered the room after me and saw the room filled with so many shining faces :) Just wonderful!

Here’s a brief run-through of the testimonies which the first-term trainees shared:


  1. &  2.  PR & LR from Ter Aar, The Netherlands: “When I asked ‘Where are my plans?’ the answer was, ‘Gone.’ But God has a plan.”
  2. &  4.  GE & NE from Cambridge: “We need training to live a daily life with the Lord.” and “I had many precious patterns around me.”


  1. JL from Poland via Birmingham: “I want to live a meaningful life for the Lord.”
  2. PV from Bratislava, Slovakia: “I am just following the Lord who came to the training.”
  3. EC from Huelva, Spain: “I thought that I was going to work this year, but the Lord changed everything.”
  4. OM from London (D2): “Why wouldn’t we give our whole lives for this?”
  5. TH from Dusseldorf, Germany: “I was reminded by the Lord, ‘You should go to the training.'”
  6. PB from Romania: “When we are in our mind, we cannot understand.”
  7. RS from Lithuania via London (D6): “Lord, perfect me to be more useful in Your hand.”
  8. DM from Poland: “May the Lord be the One to change me.”
  9. RT from Peterborough via Norwich: “That my whole being and going would be to Him and for Him.”
  10. LK from Estonia: “I need a lot of mercy that this would become my reality.”


  1. FT from China via London (D4): “Lord, I want Your presence.”
  2. GM from France via London (D3): “We have the Lord, so there is no problem.”
  3. AK from Korea: “What is the most worthy thing in life? I didn’t want to waste time anymore.”
  4. SS from Malaysia via Manchester: “No more running away.”
  5. NP from Romania via Milan, Italy: “The Lord set the time for me to come.”

In addition to these 19 precious saints, sister CL from Taiwan arrived the following week, and we are still eagerly anticipating the arrival of sisters EDS from Portugal and AP from Cambridge.

May the Lord richly bless each one of these, as well as the returning second, third and fourth termers, with Himself as life, light, and reality.

I also caught the first meeting of the University Training, and the students there also shared why they had come and what they expected to get out of the week. Some shared that they were there because, “There was nothing better to do this week.” How right they were – what better place to spend a week than with the brothers and sisters, enjoying Christ, and pursuing Him with fellow Christians on campus. And I heard they did have a wonderful time!

  1. Eileen on Facebook
    August 23rd, 2011 at 06:27 | #1

    Look forward to seeing a picture of all new trainees for this term. ;-) Just thought of your guys singing ‘Abiding in the Vine’ to us.

  2. August 23rd, 2011 at 14:51 | #2

    Not sure when I’d get a picture of them all Eileen – but if I do, will send it to you :)

  3. Benjamin on Facebook
    August 24th, 2011 at 19:02 | #3

    Was just looking at a photo from your graduation recently actually Sarah :) It was a while ago now wasn’t it?

  4. August 24th, 2011 at 22:43 | #4

    Right you are Benjamin :) I was debating whether or not to post some of the pictures I have of you all who came to my graduation, but posted just that one instead.

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