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Late nights, early mornings, & long days :)

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A Double-Barrel Man of God has informed me that I have not made a post for a while.

In part that is because things have been pretty busy recently, and amazingly, when we are almost to the peak of the busy-ness, here I am writing a post! So, what has been keeping me, and everyone around me, so busy?

What’s going on around here, then?

  • Firstly, university terms are restarting and many Christian students and families have been welcoming incoming Freshers all across the country. I’ve heard some great reports from my sister up in Edinburgh who is part of the Christians at Uni, it sounds like it has been a lot of fun and very enjoyable. I even joined their mailing list, so if when I eventually make my way up there to visit, I shall be able to jump right in! (Hopefully soon… ish!)
  • A bit closer to home, I’ll miss the next all-London Students Meeting (see below for why) but was able to go to the first one of term, and really enjoyed the fellowship on prayer. I meant to make a post about it, and obviously didn’t! I was reminded to not just ask the Lord for things, but to tell Him what is on my heart, to have conversations with Him… and in so doing, learn what is on His heart and pray for His desire to be fulfilled. Gain my prayer, Lord.
  • So, next week I’ll be with the FTTL in Baarlo, Holland, for the ITERO (a training for elders and responsible brothers in the churches all over the earth). I am part of a small team that is helping to coordinate the transportation for approximately 800 brothers, arriving over a period of a few days, departing over a period of a few days, to and from at least four different airports, and with what can be described as somewhat “sketchy” transportation information :) I spent twelve hours today playing with a database of names, dates, times, airport codes, more dates, and more times, and… I am just so happy to be serving the saints, with the saints, and in the Body. There is a supply here. We had a conference call last Friday and I was greatly helped by the practical advice of the experienced saints, which was full of grace. Lord, may all our time, both now and next week, be full of You as grace!
  • There are a bunch of projects and events in the pipeline which have completion dates in the coming weeks, such as the next Life-study of the Bible radio broadcast study guides, the opening of the Amana Trust Bookshop and Cafe in central London, the One-Week Trainings in November, and this weekend’s Teachers Training in preparation for the Winter School of Truth. Although I am not directly involved in some of these, it does mean that those around me are also very busy and therefore less available for other things. But we are learning to serve together in our spirit :)
  • Everyone seems to have chosen this week to move house. Well, slight exaggeration, but two families are moving, and the sisters house also had to make a short-notice move. But how the Lord supplies… the temporary place to stay, the trucks and manpower to move the furniture, the warehouse and garage to store it, and the joy and peace of the Lord throughout.
  • Related to that, because of all the moves we are still unsure as to where this week’s young people’s meeting will be, and if there will be one. Lord?
  • And as for me, it is getting towards the end of the month, and so that means meeting some of my regular deadlines. Which actually hasn’t been too bad this month, but with everything else… oh that reminds me, I’d better put something on my to-do list!

… And how am I doing?

You may be wondering how I am doing, juggling so many different things. And if you know me at all, you know that there aren’t really any quiet periods, just some less-busy times!

The answer is I’m doing pretty well :) And I really can’t put it down to my own capabilities, because more and more I realise I can’t do it! Instead, these three things have been really helping me:

  1. Reading the Bible (I love the word of God!)

    I joined a website called Let the Word, which has been encouraging me so much to daily read the Bible in a consistent way. I love it :)

    Students on university campuses are using this website to participate in Bible reading challenges, such as at Anglia Ruskin University in Chelmsford, Essex University in Southend-on-Sea, and UGA in Athens, Georgia. I’m not part of a challenge, but with a few other sisters I am “letting the word of Christ dwell in me richly…” (Colossians 3:16), and every day it is washing me and supplying me.

  2. Reading the Life-studies (causing me to love the Lord more!)

    I finally have also become more consistent in my reading of the Life-studies. It took me a little over a year to finish the Life-study of Matthew… it was brilliant, but for some reason I kept stopping. But another website has been helping me to read every day for the past month: Reading through the Life-study of the Bible.

    Yesterday, I enjoyed in Life-study of Mark that in order to contact the Lord we don’t have to be like the paralytic’s friends who dug a hole in the roof – because He is in our spirit. We can contact Him at any time and in any place :)

  3. Being with the saints (our love for one another is increasing!)

    Even though our regular home meeting has been unavailable for the past few weeks, we are just so used to being together that we have been anyway… even spending our evenings together after seeing one another all day. The church-life is the best social life :)

    A couple of weeks ago, sister number 1 gave me her house key so I could go over to her place and let sister number 2 in.. and then yesterday I gave my keys to sister number 3 so that sisters number 1, 3 and 4 could move stuff into my house while I was working late. Sister number 5 called yesterday to ask if she could come over to stay the night, which she did. And then for next week, I’ll leave my keys with sister number 3, so she can move things out if she needs to, and so that while I am away she can help sister number 6 to get some of her things which are being stored at my place.

    Phew, not sure if you followed that! Anyway, these little examples may not seem like much, but I find the church-life to be very sweet. I’m part of a lovely family (really – God is our Father!) and am blessed with many brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and homes (Matthew 19:29). Thank You Lord :)

And there you have it… lots of smiles :)

Reading the Bible—
I love the Word of God!
Reading the Bible—
I love the Word of God!

1. Every verse reveals Yourself to me,
Every line conveys reality.
When I pray the words that You breathed out
You become so real to me.

2. As I read, I pray, as I pray, I read,
Mingling both as one spontaneously.
You respond within with words so sweet,
I repeat these words to Thee.

3. I’m a newborn babe—it’s the milk I need,
Not the knowledge of the dead teaching.
When I eat Your word, it becomes to me
My heart’s joy and rejoicing.

4. Sweeter than honey, precious more than gold;
It will not be void, but as the rain and snow,
It will do Your will—bear the life divine,
Bearing fruit a hundred-fold.

5. When my heart is like a rock so cold,
It’s Your word so strong that hammers stone,
That the grain of life may come to me
And supply me inwardly.

6. It’s my food, my drink, and my life supply;
I love to eat it every day and night.
I just turn and open up to Him,
And the rivers flow right in.

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  1. David-Anthony
    September 29th, 2011 at 23:19 | #1

    Amen. It’s so wonderful to serve in the church life surrounded by the saints and helping to build up His church.

  2. mavis
    October 5th, 2011 at 21:28 | #2

    can’t keep up with all those numbers. sounds like a ditty or a riddle you have made up. i’m giddy enough. enjoyed the updates anyway.
    pray you’re enjoying baarlo with all the dear saints. what a character-buikding experience church life is. gain more of the Lord through it.
    building by listening to dublin conf as i type this comment. tempted to click onto hymnal atm! killing 3 birds with one stone?

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