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To go, or not to go, that is not the question

September 20th, 2011 Categories: pondering..., singing... 6 comments

Just thought I’d write a quick post about something I learnt today…

Well, I was having a particular inward dilemma. What should I do? Should I go or not go? What are the reasons I should go, and what are the reasons that I should not go? Why was I so quick to say I shouldn’t go? Maybe I should go? Am I only thinking this because others are going? Why am I so bothered by making this decision?

I don’t know if you experience such conflicting thoughts often. Actually the last time I had a similar thought was yesterday! Do I buy it or don’t I? Do I give up and go home, or keep trying? Is it becoming so complicated because the Lord doesn’t want me to buy it? Is this the sense of life and peace within me, telling me I shouldn’t buy it? Am I just being silly and I should go ahead and get it?

Thinking so much is tiring. (Here’s an interesting article about decision fatigue.) But praise the Lord, I received some help!

After considering this all day, I finally received some help this evening when I mentioned my inward dilemma to some sisters. Which is why it is good to open up and fellowship :) One sister (who is going) said that she felt strongly led by the Lord that she should go. It may not seem like much, but that helped me because I realised that I hadn’t had any leading from the Lord about this matter.

And then I got a bit more light during the prayer meeting. Which is why it is good to just be in the church meetings – light is there! As one of the saints was praying, I realised, I haven’t really brought this matter to the Lord. I haven’t asked Him, “Lord Jesus, how do You feel about it?” All I’ve done is think about it, and try to find an answer based on “my feeling”. But I haven’t even had a conversation with the Lord about it! (And nor did I about the little incident yesterday!)

Lord Jesus, I just like to learn to bring You into every part of my daily life, in all matters and at all times of the day. Save me from going from day to day making decisions by myself.

And I am reminded of a hymn that I love:

1. When thou wakest in the morning
Ere thou tread’st the untried way
Of the lot that lies before thee
Through the coming busy day;
Whether sunbeams promise brightness,
Whether dim forebodings fall,
Be thy dawning glad or gloomy,
Go to Jesus, tell Him all.

2. In the calm of sweet communion
Let thy daily work be done;
In the peace of soul-outpouring
Care be banished, patience won;
And if earth with its enchantments
Seek thy spirit to enthrall,
Ere thou listen, ere thou answer,
Turn to Jesus, tell Him all.

3. Then, as hour by hour glides by thee,
Thou wilt blessed guidance know,
Thine own burdens being lightened,
Thou canst bear another’s woe;
Thou canst help the weak ones onward,
Thou canst raise up those that fall:
But remember, while thou servest,
Still tell Jesus, tell Him all.

4. And if weariness creeps o’er thee
As the day wears to its close,
Or if sudden fierce temptation
Bring thee face to face with foes;
In thy weakness, in thy peril,
Raise to heaven a truthful call;
Strength and calm for every crisis
Come, in telling Jesus all.

So we did actually pray about this particular event and also for those going to it. And it is interesting – as I prayed with the saints, I felt more burdened for this event, but at the same time I also felt more peaceful to not go. It seems like a contradiction, and yet somehow it is not. I can be burdened, and yet stay. And in my staying, I can be standing one in spirit with the saints who go.

  1. September 22nd, 2011 at 11:24 | #1

    :) Amen. This happens so often to each one of us – should I go, should I not go? Should I do this or that? Even though “it would be good to go” and “it would be good to do that”, we still want to check with the Lord within. He’s a living person, and we treasure the sweet sense of life and peace!

    Yesterday I realized that we KNOW a lot of things about the Lord, the church life, the Lord’s intention, etc… – but unless we PRACTICE them, they are not ours… Yet even in practicing or doing things, all we do is “take the initiative”, and if the Lord within gives us a feeling of life and peace, we go on – if not, we just stop.

    …. taking the way of life….

  2. mavis
    September 23rd, 2011 at 16:01 | #2

    amen, sister. tell Him all. we’re too independent. teach us, olj, to enter into Your wonderful shepherding. may we dwell in His house to enquire of Him re all things, big & small, life threatening or not. The Lord shortens our valley experience when He is walking with us there. let’s take Him with us all the lengths of the days of our lives. amen.

  3. Aidan
    September 24th, 2011 at 11:03 | #3

    Amen, I also find the question of whether to go or not a very difficult decision to make. especially if I have just a few minutes to make the decision. From your article, it seems that planning and praying ahead really helps with this one.

  4. semyl
    September 24th, 2011 at 11:15 | #4

    @Stefan The way of life is the best way :) I do sometimes find myself falling into “taking the initiative” as an excuse for not checking with the Lord at all. But when I remember, it is good to realise and experience that He is just a call away. Lord Jesus!

  5. semyl
    September 24th, 2011 at 11:20 | #5

    @mavis Amen :)

  6. semyl
    September 24th, 2011 at 11:33 | #6

    @Aidan Yes, there is no need to wait till just before a decision needs to be made before we pray about it. The more time we spend with the Lord, the more we enjoy Him :) There have been times when I have been praying about something in the future (e.g. whether to go on a trip), and so there is the element of pressure as ticket costs are always rising… but (sometimes) I just have an inward peace to not make a decision yet, even if buying a ticket later makes it more expensive.

    But there are also times when we do have to make quick decisions… like the bus or train is about to leave! So it is great that we don’t have to go far to have a conversation with the Lord, because He is in our spirit! :)

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