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Come along and call, “Lord Jesus!”

October 28th, 2011 Categories: singing... Be the first to comment

I enjoyed singing with the sisters at our mini-home meeting tonight. Here’s one of the songs we sung. Click on the play button in the widget to hear how it goes.

1. There’s a man who died to set us free.
Everybody knows it’s Jesus;
He came down from heaven just to live in me.
Everybody knows it’s Jesus!

Jesus, Jesus,
Everybody call on Jesus!
Just open your heart and open your mouth,
Yes, everybody call on Jesus!

2. There’s no other name on which to call,
So open up and call on Jesus;
Stop your doubting and start to call,
Just open up and call on Jesus!

3. Jesus fills the empty places with Himself,
Come along and call, “Lord Jesus!”
Listen closely while we tell you ’bout His wealth,
Come along and call, “Lord Jesus!”

4. God’s been waiting just to get inside of you,
So turn to Him and call, “Lord Jesus!”
Open up your heart and let Him into you
By calling on the name of Jesus!


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