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This kind cannot come out by any means except prayer

October 18th, 2011 Categories: enjoying..., pondering... 1 comment

Well, I didn’t plan on making another post so soon, yet here I am.

I was just reading my Life-study message for today and thought I would share a couple of paragraphs I liked. This is based on Mark 9:14-29.

The back story is that as the Lord Jesus was coming down from the mountain, he saw the crowd disputing with some of his disciples because they (the disciples) had been unable to cast an evil spirit out of a boy. Of course, the Lord was able to cast out the spirit, and then when they entered the house, His disciples asked Him why they were unable to do it. Here was the answer He gave:

And He said to them, This kind cannot come out by any means except prayer.

I had always been a little confused by this verse, wondering if it meant that there was a kind of evil spirit that could come out without prayer (but that didn’t make sense to me), or how the Lord had cast out the evil spirit without apparently praying (but that seemed contradictory to what He said). But as always, the Life-study turned me from my wandering and wondering mind, back to the enjoyment.

The point was that the disciples failed to pray!

Do you know what it means to pray? To pray means that we realize that we are nothing and that we can do nothing. This implies that prayer is the real denial of the self. To pray, therefore, is to deny ourselves, knowing that we are nothing and are not able to do anything. Furthermore, to pray is actually to declare, “Not I, but Christ.”

This is why the disciples were unable to cast out the dumb and deaf spirit. They had been following and accompanying the Lord for the past two years and thought that they should be able to cast out the spirit. But they couldn’t without prayer, because it was not them that could do it in the first place.

I’m just the same as the disciples!

I often find myself in similar situations. Maybe I’m not physically casting out demons, but in my daily living I try to do things by myself because I think that I should be able to. My work, my responsibilities, my relationships with family, friends, and the saints…

Take today for example. I knew I was tired and a little stressed out, and I knew there is a lot I need to get done this week. So I just got on with it without turning to the Lord. Even though I knew I should, and even though I knew I could. You would think I would have remembered the post I made yesterday and started singing or something, but I didn’t.

Dear Lord Jesus. I seem to know a lot doctrinally, but I need more experience of You practically!

So by the end of the day, I was still tired, and still a little stressed out, and also quite hungry. And I basically decided that I wasn’t going to the prayer meeting because I had to go grocery shopping (as my sister is visiting this week), and as I had so much work to do (and of course, I haven’t done any tonight).

The prayer meeting is actually one of my favourite church meetings, and I knew that the reason I was feeling like that was because I hadn’t been contacting and enjoying the Lord during the day.

But, it ends well. I read my Life-study! And I was reminded, I need to pray! This is the second paragraph I really enjoyed, with emphasis added by me:

Actually, we do not need to pray in a lengthy way. It is sufficient simply to call, “O Lord Jesus!” Even such a short prayer indicates “no longer I, but Christ.” Your prayer testifies that you do not exercise your self-effort to deal with the situation. Instead, you apply Christ. This is to practice the vision concerning Christ with His death and resurrection being our replacement.

Amen Lord, no more I, but Christ. “O Lord Jesus!”

For those who are not familiar with the Life-studies I keep talking about, I was going to tell you a bit more. But I’m also trying to make my posts shorter. So come back tomorrow!

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  1. mavis
    October 22nd, 2011 at 19:56 | #1

    when you pray, you are an overcomer!!! ptl. keep us praying, praising, rejoicing in the Lord always. amen. LJ.

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