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We have the right! (and the first Lord’s table in Greenwich!)

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Today was such an awesome day! It certainly wasn’t a waste of time at all! I actually went to two Lord’s table meetings today. The first was in district 9 of the church in London. We had our regular meeting this morning, and it was so full of life, life, life, and we were all being encouraged to just eat, eat, eat!

Then the second meeting was in Greenwich, for the first Lord’s table in district 11 of the church in London! Praaaaise the Lord! Many saints came together for this new beginning from all across London and nearby cities. It was glorious! Maybe you can tell I am a little excited :) But it was just awesome!

The first Lord’s table in Greenwich

I was a little late, as another sister and I were picking up some others, and Greenwich traffic was just the same as when I used to live there. But we entered the room where the saints were praising the Lord, and jumped right in. Oh, what a feast!

After the Lord’s table a brother shared a short message about the Lord’s day (not Sunday, because we don’t worship the sun!) and the Lord’s table.

I really liked the point that on the first day of the week, the early disciples prepared a place for the Lord’s supper (Matthew 26:17). We also need to be those who prepare such a place. Lord, week by week, may our hearts be prepared to come to Your table!

And actually, the early believers loved the Lord so much that they broke bread every day!

And day by day, continuing steadfastly with one accord in the temple and breaking bread from house to house, they partook of their food with exultation and simplicity of heart.

The footnote from the Recovery Version is so sweet:

The early believers remembered the Lord by breaking bread daily in their houses; this showed their love and enthusiasm toward the Lord.

Lord Jesus, we love You, and we remember You by being gathered into Your name to display declare Your death and to testify that in resurrection we are one with You!

There were a number of other verses that were shared related to the Lord’s table. If anyone who was there reads this and wants to add some to the comments, feel free!

And all we need to do is eat the Lord!

After that, the sharing was open for all the saints (1 Corinthians 14:26) to overflow from the recent One Week Trainings, Friday’s end-of-term All London Students meeting, and the Holy Word for Morning Revival (this week the church in London was in The Four Great Pillars in the Lord’s Recovery, Week 4: “The Second Great Pillar – Life (1) The Tree of Life).

This was just a continuation from the morning, with all the saints popping up to speak, sing, and declare their portion of Christ. It was so glorious! What building!

There is so much I could respeak, but here are just a few portions that were particularly tasty:

  • One brother shared how Greenwich used to be at the centre of the universe. Just up the hill from where we were meeting was the Royal Observatory, where the Prime Meridian is. Zero time. But that’s not the real centre. In the middle of the garden was the tree of life Genesis 2:9. Man was placed in front of the tree of life because God’s intention was that man would eat of that tree and receive life!
  • So the primary matter in our Christian life is to enjoy Christ as the tree of life!
  • The primary matter in our church life is to enjoy Christ as the tree of life!
  • The primary matter in our daily life is to enjoy Christ as the tree of life!
  • Although man fell, because our wonderful Christ became a man, died and resurrected, and became the life-giving Spirit (1 Corinthians 15:45b), we now have the right to the tree of life! It is not just a matter of having permission to come to the tree of life, but rather, we have the right to eat the tree of life!
  • So all we need to do is eat the Lord!
  • And as we eat Him as the tree of life, we are also being grafted into Him, we are becoming part of the tree of life. Eat the tree of life, become the tree of life!
  • And finally, when we come to the end of the Bible, what do we have: the tree of life! And on this side and on that side of the river was the tree of life (Revelation 22:2).
  • Oh, there is so much more to speak and to enjoy. But I will leave you here, with just one word: eat! Eat, eat more of Jesus!

    The eating and the spreading go together

    You know, our being in Greenwich today, having the first Lord’s table in district 11, was not a matter of outward arrangement and organisation. It was all a matter of eating!

    How does the Lord increase and spread? It is only by our eating.

    O Jesus Lord, when present at Thy table,
    And on the bread and on the wine we gaze;
    We praise Thee, Lord, that Thou as food art able
    To be enjoyed by man in many ways.

    But all we need to do is eat the Lord;
    He’s marvelous, He’s wonderful!
    And as we eat, we’re inwardly restored;
    Christ grows in us, grows to the full.

    Stanza 1 and chorus 2 from Hymns 1110

    Let us eat the Lord back! (1 Corinthians 11:26)

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