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Learning to serve (at Winter School of Truth 2011)

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Well, things don’t get quiet around here in London. Last week we had the Winter School of Truth 2011, the eighth Winter School of Truth here in the UK.

As in the previous few years, there were two classes run simultaneously, one for school years 7-9 (age 11 to 14) on God’s Full Salvation, and the other for school years 10-13 (age 15-19) on The Two Spirits, the Divine Spirit and the Human Spirit.

Winter School of Truth 2011: God's Full Salvation

This was a marvellous blending time, with a total of 212 young people and serving ones registered, from Belgium, Ethiopia, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland, Turkey, the UK, and the USA. Did you count? That’s 15 ‘countries’ – actually both England and Scotland were represented, and you could even say Wales was too!

The impression I got was that everyone had a great time diving into the truth together!

A coordinated labour of love

I served in the Truth School Office again, a little glass room which everyone passes by, and which serves as the hub of WST. That is mostly because information related to running the Truth School comes in and out of the office, but really it is the prayer of the saints and the labour of ALL the practical serving saints that keeps the Truth School going.

We cannot do without those who serve in the kitchen, the sisters who dispense the food, the sisters who take care of refreshments and cleaning, the brothers taking care of the A/V and the property, the brothers coordinating the activities, and not to mention the speaking brothers and the shepherding saints who are with the young people in small clusters and study groups. All are needed! As are the many saints who served part-time with registration and arrivals, washing up, activities and room inspections. It was so precious to see so many saints with a heart to serve in coordination, taking care of tasks that are seemingly not glorious.

Let no one despise your youth, but be a pattern to the believers…

Well in the Truth School Office I was with a sister I have served with a number of times before, at previous WSTs and the Poland Camp in the summer. I am so glad to have her to depend on! This year, two university-aged sisters joined us for the first time, and we were greatly encouraged and helped by their willingness to learn and to serve.

So this year, it seemed like our “work” was made easier by having our two sisters with us – there were four instead of two to take turns with running announcements to meetings (and we sometimes asked the brothers passing by to take them also :)), and the many other small things we did together.

It also really helped us to have an awareness that we need to learn to be a pattern to those around us. Do we exhibit Christ in our speaking to one another, in our printing, our data entry, our working out formulae? Oh, I was so happy to hear one of the young sisters quietly calling on the Lord’s name as she worked on a spreadsheet. What a sweet reminder to me: we can call on our Lord Jesus at any time and in any place!

Winter School of Truth 2011: The Two Spirits

More pictures can be found on the UKYP facebook page.

…in Truth, in Life, in Church, in Gospel

Ok, I know that the two headings don’t really go together. The actual verse is this:

Let no one despise your youth, but be a pattern to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.

Maybe I’ll write more about word, conduct, love, faith and purity another time, or one of the young serving ones could write something and add it to this :)

But moving on, this year a ‘house system’ was introduced, where each young person was in a “house”, and everything they did during the week that they scored points on (group presentations, room inspections, games and activities, the project, and memory verses) all contributed to their house score. Guess what the names of the four houses were? Truth, Life, Church and Gospel!

The winning house received a prize at the end of the week, and from our side (in the office), the houses made calculating the scores much simpler than previous years (never a bad thing), and on the side of the young people, they seemed well received, and contributed to raising the level of the group presentations.

I didn’t make many meetings, but I went to as many of the group presentations as I could, and it was wonderful to see and hear the young people speaking and learning to speak the word of God with the exercise of their mingled spirit!

In fact, the young people prepared so well for their presentations (and they didn’t know which study group would be called at the start of each meeting) that there were less verses memorised this WST than in a long, long time! Nevertheless, some of the young people did memorise many verses, and it was the house with the highest average on verses that eventually won overall.

Well, that is a lot of the outward goings-on at the Truth School, but there was also much going on inwardly. Continue to pray that the word spoken in the meetings, and studied and digested in the group study times and room times, will remain in the young people (and serving ones) and become a constant source of supply to them, and that each one will continue to bring what they have heard back to the Lord in their fellowship with Him.

My top enjoyment from WST 2011

And what will I remember from the WST? Apart from the yummy, yummy pork dish, the delicious hot chocolate, and all the other wonderful physical food… and apart from our tiny office being filled with young people clamouring for attention so they could share their enjoyment with us and receive chocolates or satsumas as their reward… and apart from our cheerful sisters returning to the office in the afternoon after activities absolutely freezing, yet happy… I shall remember one of the meetings I went to, when the brother got us to take three minutes to call on the name of the Lord: first almost silently, then just so we could hear ourselves, and then loudly. How refreshing! Lord Jesus! O Lord Jesus! Lord Jesus!

Some of the produce of our labour of love

Even more pictures from the WST can be found on SM’s and LN’s facebook pages.

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