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A quick update from snowy London

February 10th, 2012 Categories: enjoying... Be the first to comment

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to make a super quick post to let you know I haven’t forgotten about you. Even though it has been almost a month since I last made a post!

Since coming back from seeing my family in Miami (in early December), I’ve been super duper busy – and maybe by mid April things will slow down a little again. Or maybe not!

The other main reason I’ve not posted anything in so long is that my laptop screen died at the beginning of January, meaning I’ve not been able to get online at home (as I am a lo-tech geek without a smart phone or other such devices – and my Palm doesn’t see my home wireless). But I’ve actually been liking my zero access to the internet at home… it means that in the evenings I have had much more time to read the Bible and the ministry, and to go to bed early! I wish I had more time to post about my enjoyment in the Word and the ministry – and maybe next week I’ll try to set aside some time to make a post.

There have also been many events going on, and while I’m here maybe I’ll give you a quick tour. The bookshop opened in central London! I went a couple of times, and it is so nice. If you ever come through London, make it one of your priorities to visit! It is at 110 Pentonville Road, walking distance from King’s Cross St. Pancras and Angel tube station. If I lived nearer, I’d definitely be a regular, like many of the students in central London, and like the office workers working in the neighbourhood. This coming Saturday will be the first of monthly University Trainings taking place there. Wonderful!

FTTA and FTTXB trainees have just left (yesterday) after their two weeks here in Europe for gospel trips. They visited a number of countries in Europe in different teams, and and I thoroughly enjoyed the reports they gave on Wednesday morning. The saints here are now preparing for FTTL to restart on Monday, with trainees already beginning to return. And we’ve had a lot of snow! I’ll attach a couple of pictures below of the fun some of us sisters had on Lord’s day :)

Hopefully I’ll be back soon!

Note (05/05/12): I wrote this back in February, and didn’t get around to posting it then, I think because I wanted to add the pictures! Maybe I should try to just get something posted more regularly, regardless of whether I make it look “pretty” or not. Although having said that, I now have a phone that will make it much easier to upload pictures :)


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