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Day 1: First Impressions of the Deep South

June 30th, 2012 Categories: blending... 4 comments

Day 1 (Tuesday 19th June 2012)

The US Blending Trip 2012 has now started! This year we are visiting Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and finishing up in California. (Click here to read about our trip to California last summer)

The first day was pretty much spent travelling. I had an early morning start and a straightforward journey to the airport, where I met my sister and another sister, after they landed from their first flight from Edinburgh. The waiting time passed quickly, and looking back now, so did the flights themselves – two for me, and three for the others.

My travel companions

We touched down slightly late in Jackson from our American Eagle flight. Jackson is the capital of Mississippi (em-eye-double-ess-eye-double-ess-eye-double-pee-eye), and the airport is Jackson International Airport – yet as far as I understood only cargo planes fly internationally from Jackson. This was the first time I’ve been in an aircraft with just one seat, an aisle, and two seats, for each row. But it was actually a smoother flight and landing than the larger aircraft we flew prior to that!

At the airport we were warmly greeted by the local brother who was coordinating our trip, who had just met two other brothers who just arrived. Our host for the night came to pick us up, and we sisters were quickly whisked off – we would regroup with all the saints the next morning.

Our first home (Jackson, Mississippi)

We stayed in an amazing house on a lake. It was quite a start to the trip, and we felt totally spoilt staying there. But more than just a magnificent house, it was the home of a dear couple who we had the pleasure of having dinner with, and a sister who we met the next morning after she was home from night shift. Two sisters also joined us for dinner, and we had a sweet time reacquainting and/or getting to know one another. We were able to take a refreshing shower and tumble into bed fairly early.

The back garden

I was reminded of this part of a verse that first night:

Pursue hospitality.

I was touched that you could see that these saints really had a home for the saints and prepared to receive hospitality – in the way the house was designed and laid out, in the way the bedrooms and bathrooms were arranged, and even in the way that the saints shepherded us with their schedule and how breakfast would be the next morning.

Actually, in every home we have been in, whether large or small, this is the impression I have been receiving: the saints have expressed a heart to pour themselves and we are so blessed to be the recipients of such warm hospitality. In Huntsville, Texas, our fourth stop (I am writing these posts in retrospect) there was even one sister who received hospitality in her dorm room.

It is good to be refreshed with the view that our homes, our fridges, and our time, are for the Lord and for the church, and that this can be expressed in such a practical way by receiving hospitality. It is quite a pattern to me. How good it is to be blending in the Body.

  1. Bethany Desimone on Facebook
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    Eat crawfish for me ^_^

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    June 30th, 2012 at 08:46 | #2

    I did! :)

  3. mavis
    June 30th, 2013 at 19:18 | #3

    enjoyed the sharing. ptl for the Body. may we have His heart for His body. may we see the body, know the body, care for the body, cherish the body, honor the body.

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