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There is a church in Rome!

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The following report was written on 17th June 2012, as I was returning home from a glorious weekend in the church in Rome. Hallelujah! There were 561 saints from 29 countries gathered together this weekend to participate in the Italian Conference and the Resumption of the Lord’s Table in Rome. Praise the Lord!

Day 1: A warm welcome to Rome

I arrived with a number of saints from the UK in the early evening on Friday, and were warmly greeted by the saints at the airport. It is so good to travel with the saints, and even sweeter to be greeted by the saints on arrival! A coach brought us the short journey to the hotel where the conference was taking place and where we were staying. After checking in and settling a little, we went to find dinner in small groups. The sisters I was with found a pleasant restaurant a short walk away, and were able to enjoy the warm evening by sitting in the garden to eat. So lovely, especially after escaping the rainstorms in London! (A change from 13°C to 26°C!)

Lovely dinner in the restaurant garden

We made it back to the hotel in time to join the rooftop prayer meeting. Peter was praying on the rooftop when he saw the vision of the clean and unclean animals, indicating that Christ came not only for the Jews but also for the Gentiles. And then he went to the house of Cornelius – a Roman! (Acts 10)

We prayed for the conference and the gathering of the saints, the resumption of the Lord’s table in Rome, the spreading of the Word and the ministry throughout Italy, and for the release of an Italian translation of the Recovery Version of the Bible. Amen Lord Jesus!

The sun set during the prayer meeting, and afterwards we enjoyed some refreshments and fellowship on the rooftop as dusk fell, before retiring to our rooms.

Here is another picture from day one, which you may have already seen if you follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook.

Rooftop prayer meeting

Day 2: The focus of the Lord’s recovery

After a good night’s sleep, we awoke refreshed and ate both our spiritual and physical breakfast. And then we enjoyed more spiritual feasting! The content of the conference was four messages from the 2011 Memorial Day Conference, on The Focus of the Lord’s Recovery.

I received a fresh appreciation for the golden lampstand as a picture of the church as the testimony of Jesus. That the lampstand is of gold signifies the divine nature of God the Father, the only source. And the lampstand was not merely golden, but gold itself. No pretence or imitation, no gilding – just pure gold.

I also enjoyed in another message that we really need to allow the Lord to draw our attention back to Himself, to take away our indifference toward Him. As the Divine Trinity, He is the focus of the Epistles, of the New Testament, even of the entire Bible. And the Bible reveals that He had done everything to gain our attention so that we would receive His divine dispensing. All He wants is to get into us and to fill us with Himself, and all we need to do is to cooperate little by little (poco a poco) to be the best receivers of His dispensing. Don’t just stop at a little… be receiving the Divine Trinity little by little!

During the afternoon there was also a young people’s meeting – which I do not “qualify” for, but was still planning to join with done sisters – but we were a little late, and by the time we got there they had already begun some fellowship regarding the meaning of baptism. And after that, we joined the saints to witness a number of glorious baptisms, including the baptism of a real Roman! Saints from the USA, Russia and the UK were also baptised. Praise the Lord!

Witnessing glorious baptisms

Following dinner was the evening meeting, where we saw that the focus of God’s economy is our mingled spirit! The brother sharing said that if we leave with just one thing from the meeting, it should be this verse:

But he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit.

And to top off the evening, we watched two short videos of some sharing from brother Witness Lee regarding the Lord’s move back to Rome – these can be found on the church in Rome’s website – and a Skype call from a brother in Anaheim who hadn’t been able to join the conference – that was a real “conference call”!

One of the things this brother shared was that the Lord’s table the next morning was not actually the first Lord’s table in Rome, but the resumption of the Lord’s table in Rome. That night was the last night the sun set on Rome without a golden lampstand!

The penultimate sunset

Day 3: Lo, in Rome God’s testimony

And as from today (at the time of writing, if not posting), there is now a shining lampstand in Rome!


The Lord’s table was glorious, a sweet remembrance of the Lord, a display of His victorious death and resurrection, and a testimony of our oneness in His life. What a satisfying feast to both God and man!

It was a really historic event, and I am very glad I was able to physically be there to witness and partake in it. And although it was somewhat amusing to look at the sea of iPads, smartphones and cameras recording the breaking of bread, it does mean that many other saints not able to be there in person will also be able to share in the same enjoyment. You may even have found pictures and videos online already, so I’ll just post this one:

Breaking bread in Rome

We had our final conference meeting after the Lord’s table, and then a sweet recognition of the many different ways in which saints served both before and during the conference. Then all the saints were introduced, starting from those from furthest away, and ending with the saints in Rome singing a very special song to us: Lo, in Rome God’s testimony.

Finally, three hundred saints joined the tour of Rome, and the saints had prepared a number of ministry excerpts related to the places on the tour – The Appian Way, the Vatican, the Colosseum, the Arch of Titus, and Pilate’s Steps. Well, unfortunately there was a miscommunication and our particular bus driver was a little uncooperative (although we didn’t realise till later) – so our coach (one of six) left too quickly and we didn’t have our tour guide with us, and so although most of us did get to see the sites (apart from Pilate’s Steps), we couldn’t really call it a tour. But it was good to be with the saints, learning to exercise our spirit in this situation, and the reading portions are really interesting and informative. Maybe some day I’ll join the tour again!

We saw the Colosseum

So as a result of that, I also ended up at the airport more than four hours before my flight. I’ve never been so early for a Ryanair flight before! But I found a place to sit, and I had time to do some reading and writing, and to speak to the saints travelling back to Spain, before regrouping with the saints who were on my flight back to London.

The best sight in Rome - the saints!

Now we are close to landing, and a ride home with saints, before a good rest and unpacking and repacking before catching my next flight – the next post I make will be about the Summer 2012 US Blending Trip! (Which we are already half-way through.)

  1. Mavis Lee on Facebook
    June 28th, 2012 at 14:33 | #1

    awesome! lt in jerusalem next. let’s book to go as a family for that before the Lord comes back! amen.

  2. June 28th, 2012 at 16:07 | #2

    EXCELLENT report, I love it! We prayed so much about this time, and we are so happy the Lord regained the ground of oneness in Rome, Italy! Though many of us couldn’t be there physically, we were one in spirit in the Body of Christ with His local expression in Rome!

  3. mavis lee
    June 28th, 2012 at 17:53 | #3

    how marvelous. enjoyed your all-encompassing and refreshing report. what an exciting weekend! ptl for the shinning lampstand in rome. to God be the glory. i love the rooftop prayer meeting!! certainly reminds me of the rooftop experience of peter, no one is excluded in the Lord’s kingdom. everyone is precious and to be thoroughly gained by the Lord for His economy. amen.

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