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Enoch walked with God

April 25th, 2013 Categories: enjoying... 3 comments

I do hope that I could be such a person, doing nothing and being nothing, just walking with the Lord until the day I am taken to be with Him.

Having heard that the upcoming Summer Training is going to be on the book of Genesis, and having received a lot of encouragement recently to get into the Life-studies in a regular way, I’ve decided to pause my sporadic reading of the New Testament Life-studies (but I have made it to Luke now!) and start with Genesis. Let’s see how far I can get before the Summer Training starts!

So, also in attempt to get back into posting (sorry for my silence), I thought I’d share from my enjoyment of message one. In this message, the first part was on how the Bible is a wonderful book. And it really is! It is the breath of God, it is spirit and life, and it mainly reveals life to us. Thank You Lord, for the Bible.

A record of life

I also enjoyed the point that the first two chapters of Genesis are strictly speaking, not a record of creation, but of life. The Spirit of God was brooding over the surface of the waters for the purpose of producing life. Then came the light, which was also for producing life. The air divided the waters of death, and the land emerged out from the death waters, for the purpose of generating life. Then you have the plant life, the animal life, the human life, and finally you see the divine life, indicated by the tree of life.

Even the biographies of the eight persons on the line of life say very little about their works, but more about their life, their living, and their way with God.

God uses the record of creation to show the matter of life. God uses the biographies of eight persons to show how He needs a life to fulfill His purpose.

Lord, thank You for revealing Yourself as life to us, and gain us to be those who will fulfil Your purpose!

I read the Life-studies in electronic format on my phone, but you can also buy the books from Amana Trust Books or Living Stream Ministry, or read them online for free at ministrybooks.org.

  1. April 25th, 2013 at 21:08 | #1

    Great to hear from you again! You can also buy the lifestudies for Kindle.

  2. mavis
    April 26th, 2013 at 00:08 | #2

    guess what, Sarah, I was re-reading the rainbow booklet “The Bible” these last 2 nights!! God is moving in His believers indeed! His Spirit broods over us even though we’re thousands of miles apart. I enjoyed seeing that the bible is God’s best gift to man, as Abraham Lincoln said! it’s certainly THE BOOK, world’s unique book, never goes out of date nor out of fashion! God has given us a spirit to receive His Spirit, to contain Him and to express Him. we just receive. thank The Lord for this treasure we have, best inheritance any can receive through all generations.

  3. April 26th, 2013 at 06:23 | #3

    well…they also have a free app, so you don’t technically have to buy a kindle to be able to read Amazon ebooks.

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