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Forgetting, Pursuing, Obtaining (FTTL Spring 2015 First-Term Trainees)

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Tonight was the first Monday night meeting of the new FTTL term. Praise the Lord for a new beginning and a fresh start!

We enjoyed pray-reading Philippians 3:12-13, and a brother shared how the Christ we enjoy is so all-inclusive and all-extensive. He is so universally spacious and infinitely vast. His dimensions are the dimensions of the universe – the breadth and length and height and depth – always expanding! This is the Christ that we should be deeply rooted in, experiencing and enjoying!

So the encouragement for this term is to not think that we have already obtained, but to be obtaining. Not to consider we have already been perfected, but to be open to being perfected. Not to hold on to anything, even to the previous experiences of Christ, but to be forgetting the things behind. Not lingering in the past, but pressing on. And not being limited in our appreciation of Christ, but pursuing the limitless Christ!

Let the pursuit begin! Let the enjoyment of Christ begin!

(And for those of us not currently in the training, this is an encouragement to us also. Every day is a new beginning to gain more Christ!)

So quickly, a brief introduction to the four first-term and two short-term trainees, so you also can get to know them:

First termers

  • JH from New Zealand: “There was a tremendous opportunity with a job. But the Lord said, ‘No, you are consecrated to Me.'”
  • NH from Australia/NZ: “I gave it to the Lord, and He spoke to me. He knows what to give us when we need it.”
  • SS from Norway: “This was the Lord’s sovereignty through the environment…At this time my heart was open to the Lord.”
  • RE from Australia: “Are you going to work and do everything before you consecrate fully to Me?”…”Lord, You have to give me the absolute peace.”

Short termers

  • AT from Spain: “I was so afraid to lose the presence of the Lord.”
  • D from Slovakia: “When we are willing to give ourselves to the Lord then He will remember it.”


The overall impression I had from the testimonies tonight is that although these dear brothers and sisters come from different backgrounds, their story is the same. God is sovereign, and He arranged all the details in their lives to cause each one to open to Him and to bring them to where they are today.

It is so precious that they all had many specific experiences of contacting the Lord and receiving His personal speaking and clear leading. It is also precious to hear of their fellowship and prayer with the members of the Body.¬†As one brother mentioned, there needed to be the Lord’s leading personally, the way opened practically, and the feeling confirmed in the Body.

May each trainee, both new and returning, have many more sweet and significant experiences with the Lord this term!

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