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Pesty Blessings (FTTL Autumn 2011 Graduating Trainees)

December 15th, 2011 Categories: reporting... 1 comment

The FTTL Autumn 2011 term recently ended, and typically on the last Monday night the graduating trainees share a departing word of encouragement to their fellow trainees. It was a really sweet time, and I was glad I was there. For no good reason I missed it last term (doh!), but this term I made sure to remember, as did others to remind me.

To the enemy, pests; to the Body, blessings.

As an introductory word, one of the brothers shared this verse with the trainees:

For we have found this man a pest and an agitator of insurrections among all the Jews throughout the inhabited earth and a ringleader of the sect of the Nazarenes.

The people speaking in this verse were describing Paul, who along with the other apostles was “upsetting the world” (Acts 17:6). To the world, Paul and his companions seemed to be causing much trouble with their preaching and proclaiming Christ as the gospel. Yet, as a brother concluded at the end of the meeting, although to the enemy these were “pests”, to the Body they were real blessings.

Hallelujah! May each of the graduating trainees be real pests to the enemy and real blessings to Christ’s Body!

Testimonies from the fourth-termers

Two brothers and seven sisters graduated this term, and here is a summary of their sharing during the last Monday night meeting of term:

We have the right! (and the first Lord’s table in Greenwich!)

December 4th, 2011 Categories: enjoying..., reporting..., singing... Be the first to comment

Today was such an awesome day! It certainly wasn’t a waste of time at all! I actually went to two Lord’s table meetings today. The first was in district 9 of the church in London. We had our regular meeting this morning, and it was so full of life, life, life, and we were all being encouraged to just eat, eat, eat!

Then the second meeting was in Greenwich, for the first Lord’s table in district 11 of the church in London! Praaaaise the Lord! Many saints came together for this new beginning from all across London and nearby cities. It was glorious! Maybe you can tell I am a little excited :) But it was just awesome!

Rotten wood, and how to transform it

November 28th, 2011 Categories: eating..., reporting... 5 comments

Well somehow I ended up missing most of the meetings of the University Conference that took place last weekend, but I still very much enjoyed all the saints coming and especially having the sisters in my home.

I received a little overview of what was shared during our fellowship times in the evening, and I’ll be looking out for the mp3s of the messages so I can catch up! The encouraging stats and a few pictures are below, but first here is a little titbit that I did enjoy:

Our natural humanity is like rotten wood. A house built with rotten wood, even if it is overlaid with gold, will collapse.

Can you imagine how foolish it would be to build with rotten wood? That reminds me of the bookshop – and yes a post on that is coming! There is no way that any builder who is interested in the longevity of a property would build with rotten wood. That is just asking for trouble.

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Testimonies from the FTTL Autumn 2011 First-Term Trainees

August 22nd, 2011 Categories: reporting..., serving... 4 comments

The Full-Time Training in London (FTTL) restarted on Monday 8th August, and the trainees are now going into their third week of term. How time flies! (And here’s a cool post related to time: Infinity within Finite Beings).

It seems like I was only just telling you about the FTTL Spring 2011 graduation, yet that was a few months ago. On the same note, this evening I was emailing a friend from university, as well as chatting to a Christian sister on Gmail, and in both conversations I was reminded that it is now more than four years since my graduation from the Full-Time Training in London.

My term-mates and I graduating in 2007

That means I am now going into my fifth year of serving the Lord. Wow!

When I put it like that, it sounds so long, and yet… it really hasn’t felt like a long time, a suffering, or a drag. Instead it has been a real joy and delight, and a real learning and growing with the Lord. I love the Lord, and I love the church, and although I am very open for any change the Lord may bring, at this present moment in time, I am very happy in my service. Amen, more of You Lord, each day! :)

But now, let’s get back to this term!

Testimonies from the Poland Camp

August 10th, 2011 Categories: enjoying..., reporting... Be the first to comment

I had originally intended to to add this to my post about the European Young People’s Conference in Poland 2011, but I’m now not sure where to fit it in. So it gets its own special post:

Poland Camp 2011 testimonies on (from both young people and serving ones)

They are very enjoyable to read, and give a good overview of the conference :)

And as a bonus, here is the camp photo for the “big tent”!

European Young People's Conference in Poland 2011 (Senior Conference)