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Day 1: “Perfection” and Imperfection

July 1st, 2011 Categories: blending..., singing... 2 comments

Day 1 (Wednesday 22nd June 2011)
As Day 1 dawned, those of us who had arrived the day before were well rested and the coming full schedule helped us to adjust to being eight hours ahead. After enjoying a sweet breakfast time with the UCLA sisters, T and I went over to meet the other (so far) UK saints at the “office”. We had a time of enjoyment and morning revival with the saints, and one brother taught us a new song which is very sweet:

1. Draw me, dear Lord, with Your beauty,
Capture my heart till earth fades away.
I need Your love to attract me
So I can love You more today.

2. Empty me, Lord, how I need You!
Unclog my mind, emotion, and will.
All that I have, I abandon
So You can fill my heart today.

3. Oh fill me now with Your life, Lord,
Flood my whole being with rivers divine.
I open wide; what enjoyment!
To live Your life, dear Lord, as mine.


May 12th, 2011 Categories: enjoying..., singing... Be the first to comment

Have you ever felt like you’ve gone a little off track and need to come back to the point? Maybe you don’t realise it at the time, at least I know that I don’t, but before you know it, you have veered off the central line and are missing the mark.

I’ve been appreciating the fellowship recently on The Central Line of the Bible. Actually this was also the content of the recent International Conference here in London, and in the little I got from the conference, I think I got the key point… and that is, there is a central line in the Bible, and this central line is a wonderful Person!