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Day 7: Reigning over the rain

July 18th, 2011 Categories: blending... 2 comments

Day 7 (Tuesday 28th June 2011)
We started Day 7 by again gathering for breakfast at the Fresno meeting hall, and then it was time to move on out. Our next destination was: Berkeley! The sky got greyer and greyer as we travelled north, till eventually it was pouring down with rain when we arrived at the Berkeley meeting hall. But despite the rain I was so glad to visit, especially as this was one of the places I hadn’t been to before, and because I knew a few sisters from the area who had travelled through Europe in the past few years. I guess you could say the rain made us feel quite at home… just like today! (Torrential downpours in July? What is wrong with the world?) Anyway, if you are from the US, visiting Berkeley is a small preparation for visiting Europe… it even looks a little similar, reminded me of some of the cities up north like Manchester, Liverpool, etc.

Day 5: Call Box!

July 11th, 2011 Categories: blending..., enjoying... 5 comments

Time to play catch-up on the blending trip posts!

Day 5 (Lord’s Day 26th June 2011)
On Day 5, we enjoyed the Lord’s table with the dear saints from Riverside and Corona. On the same day it was the first Lord’s table in a locality called Palm Desert. We were unable to go due to how complex it would make our transportation arrangements, but we were standing with the saints. Praise the Lord for the church in Palm Desert!

Due to a little illness in the group, we slowed down the pace and delayed our departure from Riverside. So after lunch at the H’s, a (half-hearted) attempt to play tennis, and actual playing of Apples to Apples – a universally fun game – we hit the road again! This time our drive was for more than a couple of hours. Destination: Fresno!

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Day 3: Shining Stars

July 4th, 2011 Categories: blending..., singing... 4 comments

Day 3 (Friday 24th June 2011)
With our whole group present and correct (the final five had arrived the evening before), we started our day with some singing and enjoyment. This one was a new song for me, and one we enjoyed very much:

Christ is our light, our food, our air;
He’s everything we’ll ever need.
Christ is our drink, our life, our way,
If in our being, He’d be freed.

1. Sisters: You say He’s mighty God.
Brothers: I say He’s man.
Sisters: Son, Spirit, Father all,
All: He’s rich, O so rich, when we call.

2. Brothers: He’s Son of righteousness,
Sisters: Hope, peace, and faith,
Brothers: The Lamb of God is He,
All: So call on Him now, don’t you wait.

3. Sisters: You say He’s Son of God,
Brothers: And Son of Man,
Sisters: Firstborn among the dead,
All: Firstborn of creation, AMEN!

4. Brothers: Our Lord’s the great I AM,
Sisters: The start, the end.
Brothers: Alpha, Omega,
All: Lord Jesus, come quickly, AMEN!

Day 2: We love the church-life!

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Day 2 (Thursday 23rd June 2011)
After yesterday’s UCLA day (University of California Los Angeles), day 2 was a USC day (University of Southern California), another university in LA. We met some of the USC Christians on Campus students who gave us a tour of campus, had lunch nearby, and then went to the science centre and watched the IMAX 3D show about the Hubble Space Telescope. It was fascinating to fly into the midst of the stars and the galaxies, and really gave me an appreciation of the vastness of the universe and the immeasurable dimensions of Christ. Awesome.

Our space education wasn’t over. From there we went to Griffith Park Observatory (from where we saw the Hollywood sign – my first time to see it despite visiting LA on previous occasions!) and went to the Planetarium show. Wow, talk about Truth Questions, the narrator brought up the following questions:

  • What is man?
  • Why are we here?
  • What is the earth for?
  • And why does it matter?

What do you think?

Day 1: “Perfection” and Imperfection

July 1st, 2011 Categories: blending..., singing... 2 comments

Day 1 (Wednesday 22nd June 2011)
As Day 1 dawned, those of us who had arrived the day before were well rested and the coming full schedule helped us to adjust to being eight hours ahead. After enjoying a sweet breakfast time with the UCLA sisters, T and I went over to meet the other (so far) UK saints at the “office”. We had a time of enjoyment and morning revival with the saints, and one brother taught us a new song which is very sweet:

1. Draw me, dear Lord, with Your beauty,
Capture my heart till earth fades away.
I need Your love to attract me
So I can love You more today.

2. Empty me, Lord, how I need You!
Unclog my mind, emotion, and will.
All that I have, I abandon
So You can fill my heart today.

3. Oh fill me now with Your life, Lord,
Flood my whole being with rivers divine.
I open wide; what enjoyment!
To live Your life, dear Lord, as mine.