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A Lovely Person (Dublin Conference)

August 30th, 2011 Categories: blending..., enjoying..., reporting... 4 comments

I returned recently from the International Blending Conference in Dublin. Thank You Lord for another wonderful opportunity to be with the saints in Ireland!

It really felt like a sweet family time – there were about 100 saints there, and every meal time we were all invited to eat together at the nearby (8 minutes walk) church in Dublin meeting hall. I had hospitality with a family where there are three young people and many more at home in their home, and was very cherished by my time with them. The young people were full of life and energy, keeping me young both physically and in my spirit!

Dublin Conference 2011

A number of saints back in London were able to watch the entire conference at the FTTL training centre via Skype, and on two occasions were able to share their enjoyment after the meetings with us in Dublin. On the Lord’s day it was a blending meeting in district 9, with a number of nearby churches, so there were probably another 100 saints who were with us virtually.

The conference was on The Revelation of Christ in God’s Economy as Presented in Psalm 2, and if you read on, I’ll share three points I enjoyed from the five messages of the conference…

Testimonies from the Poland Camp

August 10th, 2011 Categories: enjoying..., reporting... Be the first to comment

I had originally intended to to add this to my post about the European Young People’s Conference in Poland 2011, but I’m now not sure where to fit it in. So it gets its own special post:

Poland Camp 2011 testimonies on (from both young people and serving ones)

They are very enjoyable to read, and give a good overview of the conference :)

And as a bonus, here is the camp photo for the “big tent”!

European Young People's Conference in Poland 2011 (Senior Conference)

Make us those (Poland Camp review)

August 9th, 2011 Categories: pondering..., reporting..., singing... 4 comments

If you have been keeping an eye on the news, you will have heard about the riots taking place in London, which also spread to other UK cities. Actually, this brings together a few of the items I had been planning to mention, although not with the focus I had originally intended. I hope I have the utterance to convey this now.

A brief interlude to say…

July 24th, 2011 Categories: reporting..., serving... 7 comments

The European Young People’s Camp in Poland begins today!

L and I flew out early to Warsaw, to join the saints in preparing for the camp registration, office, and other practical things. We had a sweet time with the saints both in Warsaw, and on our way down via Krakow to Male Ciche, where we are now. Hopefully I’ll write more about that some time next week!

The camp starts very soon, and some of the dear saints have already arrived, with the majority arriving throughout the day today. Please pray for the arrivals and registration – this is the first time we are going to try to check-in each person individually rather than in groups, and we’re talking 465 in the two main conferences, and approximately 100 more for the family camp! Lord, bring each one safely to the camp!

And also pray for the weather and all the saints – it is forecast to rain most of the week, which can be very inconvenient, but that’s no reason to stop enjoying the Lord!

I am helping with the registration today, and then will be with a cluster of young people in the camp during the week, which is on Crucial Aspects of God’s Economy Portrayed in Exodus (1).

A sneak preview of the camp t-shirt

Until next week.. praise the Lord!

Day 3: Shining Stars

July 4th, 2011 Categories: blending..., singing... 4 comments

Day 3 (Friday 24th June 2011)
With our whole group present and correct (the final five had arrived the evening before), we started our day with some singing and enjoyment. This one was a new song for me, and one we enjoyed very much:

Christ is our light, our food, our air;
He’s everything we’ll ever need.
Christ is our drink, our life, our way,
If in our being, He’d be freed.

1. Sisters: You say He’s mighty God.
Brothers: I say He’s man.
Sisters: Son, Spirit, Father all,
All: He’s rich, O so rich, when we call.

2. Brothers: He’s Son of righteousness,
Sisters: Hope, peace, and faith,
Brothers: The Lamb of God is He,
All: So call on Him now, don’t you wait.

3. Sisters: You say He’s Son of God,
Brothers: And Son of Man,
Sisters: Firstborn among the dead,
All: Firstborn of creation, AMEN!

4. Brothers: Our Lord’s the great I AM,
Sisters: The start, the end.
Brothers: Alpha, Omega,
All: Lord Jesus, come quickly, AMEN!